How To Produce Engaging Activity Programs At Senior Living Facilities

All life transitions can be extremely stressful; producing a lot of fear and uncertainty for the individual experiencing a major life change. The future may seem unclear or unstable, which exacerbates the individual’s feeling of apprehension and isolation. Possibly, this is most true when someone is moving into a senior care facility. Seniors moving into independent or assisted care facilities may be worried that they won’t get to do the things they usually do or that they will lose touch with their friends and family. Removing or decreasing a person’s access to their community ties and relationships is a very real concern for them. Similarly, it should also be a great concern to the family members and senior living facility staff members. In fact, recent research by leading scientists in the Alzheimer's field found that maintaining a life purpose and setting goals diminishes the chance of a person experiencing poor mental and physical health. Having a sense of purpose also aids in the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Fostering a sense of senior community for residents in White Bear Lake is the responsibility of the resident, their external support system, and the staff of the senior community facility. There are several ways to increase resident’s sense of community, belonging, and purpose.

Connect with the Environment

Being out in nature can be a spiritual experience. There are a lot of advantages when someone is among the trees, flowers, flow of nature and feeling the weather on their skin, instead of merely looking outside through the window. It can be very inspiring to be outside, which is why activities and low impact exercises, such as walking Read Full Report and hiking in the White Bear area, help increase the feeling of companionship. Walking on nature hikes or touring zoos and farms provides participants with a lot of conversation starters. It’s an easy way to strike up a conversation with someone new and find people that share similar interests.

Activities that Support Hobbies and Interests

A move into a senior living apartment shouldn’t mean stopping long held hobbies and activities. Preset activities are common at most senior living facilities, but there has been a push for more unique and relevant offerings. Instead of telling the residents what is available, their input is actively solicited to design programming that aligns with their interests, while also providing activities that they may not have tried before.

Onsite Services

Providing many onsite services, such as worship services, salons, spas, exercise facilities, and other self-care amenities is to not only make these activities easily accessible to residents with disabilities, but also to encourage and promote a sense of community. When residents see familiar faces at any of the onsite services, they are more likely to talk to them and develop new friendships.

Outside Causes

Even though it is convenient to have facilities and activities onsite, it is also important to get residents out in the local community. This is why many activities and field trips are scheduled outside of the senior living facility. Residents don’t have to worry about driving or finding where to go - transportation can be provided - but review they still have opportunities to get out in the community. Volunteer work and fundraising for community organizations is another way to foster a sense of community and give purpose.

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